About Us


Matador Foods is an independently owned frozen food manufacturing company. The organization was founded in 1975, making the highest quality Chile Rellenos and other breaded products in the frozen food industry. Today, we still start each day with that same goal!

Along with our famous Chili Rellenos, Matador Foods is a proud manufacturer of many items such as Stuffed Jalapenos, a variety of Bites, various Hors d’oeuvres, and specialty dessert items. The company is unrivaled industry wide in quality manufacturing of each of these products. In fact we own a patent on our Chili Rellenos!

Chili Relleno is Spanish for “Stuffed Pepper.” We take an Anaheim pepper, usually 7 to 8 inches in length and stuff it with our secret formula of ingredients. These mild peppers are filled with beef or cheddar cheese. Then they are breaded with a delicious combination of breading and spices. When the stuffing and breading procedures are complete, the peppers are flash frozen to retain the wonderful flavor that only comes from an Anaheim pepper. 

Matador Foods also has a full line of Hors d’oeuvres to tempt any appetite. These include Stuffed Jalapenos, which we call Hot Shots. We also make wonderful Cheddar and Jalapeno bites. They are so good you won’t want to stop with just one! There are NO imitation ingredients in these or any other items we produce. Only the best ingredients make it to the final product.

We are also very excited about our dessert items, Cinnamon Cheesecake and the Apple Empanada. Both are a perfect dessert additions to any meal. Who doesn’t need a sweet indulgence every now and then? Once you try one, we know you will be back for more.

We have the capacity and capabilities to produce many other battered and breaded items. If you have any needs please let us know!

AA Certification

Company Philosophy

Matador Foods is respected throughout the food service and retail industry for our constant quest of perfection. The company takes great pride in manufacturing the many delicacies in our plant. At Matador Foods, each day begins with an energetic and aggressive campaign to make the best products possible!

The company’s philosophy can be summed up easily. Honest business that treats old accounts like old friends and welcomes new ones with enthusiasm and excitement!